Life with retina

Over Christmas break, I got a new Mac laptop. When debating between models, I couldn’t decide if it was worth it to spend the extra couple of hundred dollars for the “retina” display. I am not a big gamer, and I am an amateur photographer at best, so I couldn’t justify spending extra money on just a better display. Ultimately, I ended up getting the retina model because it was slightly lighter and it had hdmi hookups. When I first started using the computer, I noticed that the picture quality was better but nothing really to brag about. Then it happened. I started importing all of my photos from my iPhone library. As the photos imported, each flashed on the screen for a split second, all of the colors bursting, the scenes expanded and the details magnified. As my pictures from the Grand Canyon to the Pacific Ocean to a tropical rainforest flashed on the screen, I saw these scenes as I never had before and tears flooded my eyes. Before then, I had only seen these pictures from the view of my phone screen: smaller, filtered through my screen protector. Limited. It wasn’t until the pictures were seen on the retina display that I saw them in all their true beauty and glory. Colorful. Full. Bright. Detailed. Enhanced. Enlarged. Enriched. Clear.


That is life with Jesus. Before Jesus everything is smaller, darker, lifeless. With God, everything is brighter and clearer. After looking at my pictures on my new fancy retina display, I cannot go back to merely cataloging my shots on my smaller phone screen. I need them to come alive on my retina display. After seeing the fullness of life with Christ, I cannot settle for the dullness and emptiness of life without Him. After knowing infinite joy and peace, I cannot re-enter the world of hopelessness and despair. After seeing the beauty of God’s grace, I cannot succumb to the temptation of life without Christ.

When Christ entered my heart, I was given “retina” vision for life. Through all the chaos and confusion of living, God makes all things clear according to His divine will and purposes. That’s life with retina. And I never want to be limited again by anything less than the clarity that comes with living for Christ.